Contest Winners

The Wheat City Carvers Club are pleased to Congratulate Robert Heath on his success in the  May  2022 Competition.
See his Story below:
The show I entered was the Prairie Canada Carving Association, in Winnipeg, this last May. There are 3 skill levels to choose from plus a special class. Novice - Intermediate - Open.
 Being a first time exhibitor, I chose the Novice class. 
In each skill level there are several divisions, and categories, depending on the exhibit you wish to enter.
My results were:
The North American Goldfinch - Songbirds class - 2nd place
Morning Dove - Songbirds B class - Merit award
Blue Jay - Songbirds B class -- 2nd place
Pheasant - Upland game bird class - 1st place 
Best of Division- 3rd place 
Best of Show- 3rd place
Barn owl - Midsize - 2nd place
Clydesdale Horse - Realistic class - 2nd place.
Best in Division- 2nd place
I'm hoping to participate in 2023.

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